Beautiful Fashion for baby boys

Bellybutton Baby Fashion: Love and Design

Our Baby Fashion follows a simple principle: We want just the best for those we love! Being experienced mothers ourselves, we know exactly what it’s all about when it comes to Baby Fashion. We watch our little ones playing, exploring the world and understand what they like.

Information when buying Baby Fashion – Organic Cotton

Baby Fashion should above all have a perfect fit and not be too large. Very often, clothing for babies is bought larger than actually required as the little ones grow quite fast. But having to deal with sleeves and pant legs being too long, exploring the world is much harder. Bellybutton lays a special focus on perfect patterns. If you are struggling with finding the right size, just click our sizing guide.

You should definitely care for natural material when buying Baby Fashion. For babies, it is very important that their clothing is comfortable. Therefore, it is especially important to choose soft and smooth fabric. The most comfortable feeling on baby’s skin is given by cotton and sahmer. And due to this, we rely on organic cotton whenever possible since 2015. Watch out for the button that indicates this. bellybutton Baby Fashion is extraordinarily soft and cuddly through this.

Being aware of how babies see the world, our design team develops the unique bellybutton Baby Fashion line. Wearing bellybutton fashion, exploring the world is particularly fun. Super soft material, perfect patterns and styles suitable for children make each day fun and comfortable. Perfectly fitted patterns that help falling asleep, cuddling and that don’t corset in any way. And all of this in adorably matching colours for boys that can of course be combined. bellybutton’s Baby Fashion line includes baby rompers, baby body suits, baby trousers or baby jackets in sizes 56 – 74 and simply everything your little darling needs to feel at ease.

Baby Fashion as a present

You are about to become a mother, or a friend of yours is pregnant? Baby clothing is just the right present for a baby shower. Babies often need to be pampered and changed. Therefore, their mums need loads of baby clothing. And of course it’s not all about the amount, but also about high qualities, nice fits and colours. All of this is combined into one amazing line of baby Fashion by bellybutton. Looking for a small giveaway for a mother to-be? Just take a look at our gifts and equipment section!