bellybutton history

15 years of bellybutton: How it all began...

The original founders in home-made bellybutton-shirts: Netti, Dana, Ursula & Katja (l. to r.)

Dana and Katja - together with their kids

Katja and Dana in bellybutton-shirts

Ursula and Dana present the first bellymama-shirts

One of the first "associates meetings"

Dana was one of the first bellybutton-models

Show your bumb, Baby! The co-partners Ursula, Astrid, Dana, Katja and Netti (l. to r.) show their fake (?) pregnant bellies!

Not only the co-partners join the affiliate meetings - even their play an important role!

Ursula, Katja and Dana in bellybutton-shirts

One of the first print announcements for our bellybutton skin care range

Ursula and Dana representing bellybutton

Dana in a bellybutton-shirt

Meeting at Katja's: Ursula, Netti, Dana and Katja (l. to r.)