Our Vision


Responsibility for a world where children and families live in


bellybutton mother nature & me addresses the new parent generation, which is modern, urban, international and broad-minded and acts responsible towards nature and environment.

The bellybutton monkey is the core of our bellybutton mother nature & me collection and illustrates our wish to take responsibility for a world where children and families live.

All bellybutton mother nature & me products are produced as sustainable and resource-protecting as possible. Furthermore, we support with every sold piece the Project Literacy Boost of the child law organization Save the Children - for a greater social responsibility.

bellybutton mother nature & me - Responsibility for a world where children and families live in




bellybutton mother nature & mealways acts responsible


Sustainability means to us interconnecting economic success with ecological sensibility and social responsibility. Sustainable acting implies also an environment-sparing material selection.
Our organic cotton products are made of textile fibers and come from a certified organic agriculture.

For cultivation and harvesting of the natural fibers the following conditions apply:

  • Cultivation in crop rotation
  • Biological pest control
  • Abandonment of synthetic fertilizer
  • Abandonment of genetically modified seeds
  • Abandonment of defoliants at harvesting

Our focus on sustainable production:

  • Knitting yarns and outdoor-materials are preferably made of recycled fibers
  • Labels are as well made of recycled fibers
  • Press buttons and metal objects are made of environmentally compatible material by the well-known producer YKK
  • Zippers in our trousers are made of recycled PES by Nautulon YKK
  • Cords and ribbons are made of organic cotton
  • Buttons are made of olive wood
  • We don’t use real fur, no angora and no down
  • Squeakers are made of recycled EVA quality
  • All prints are water-based
  • No use of phthalates (plasticizers)

In addition, we avoid plastic packaging and use recycled paper instead for etiquettes, packaging and boxes.
All bellybutton article are packed with love.

That’s how we go easy on resources.

bellybutton mother nature & me - Responsibility for a world where children and families live in


Social engagement


Writing and reading as a fundament for a life beyond poverty: the project Literacy Boost

Writing and reading belongs to the fundamentally basis to lead a self-determined life. In this part of the world, it is taken for granted to receive basic education at a primary school. In developing countries things look different. According to estimates there are 250 million children worldwide who cannot read – despite 130 million of them went to school for four years.

This concerns mainly children from poor families. Most times, they go to schools that are poorly equipped and the teachers are not sufficiently educated. Lacking learning progresses and loss of motivation are the results. Their chances for a self-determined life is obstructed at an early age. The vicious circle of poverty, lacking education and low-paid jobs – often in the informal economy under dangerous conditions – is preprogrammed. For this reason, the Sustainable Development Goals the global community wants to counteract this. The targeted objective is that all girls and boys receive a high-quality education. The question is how to realize this goal? Save the Children makes a great contribution to achieve this.

With every bellybutton mother nature & me product you buy, you support together with the organization Save the Children the Project Literacy Boost

More information: www.savethechildren.de

bellybutton mother nature & me - Responsibility for a world where children and families live in


Functional and innovative


Our focus on function and comfort

All trousers are equipped with an adjustable waistband.
The smallest sizes of our clothing provide comfortable solutions for easy dressing.
All bottoms for babies are made with elastic and soft waistbands.
Our windbreakers are wind- and waterproof, have welded seams and a practical sewed on pocket to stow the jacket in.

Innovation always means to search new raw materials and more gentle production techniques.
The first step towards this is the cooperation with the company Lenzing, which produces viscose fabrics for us that are manufactured from renewable resources and especially skin-friendly.

Lenzing Viscose
Lenzing Viscose® is a viscose fiber from the house of Lenzing and is made of the renewable natural resource wood. The cellulosic origin makes it naturally botanic, absorbs moisture and feels pleasant on the skin.

Quality as standard
The first cellulose fiber-generation viscose is manufactured in Lenzing since 75 years. The know-how of the viscose production is reflected in the outstanding quality of Lenzing Viscose®. Meanwhile Lenzing Viscose® sets the quality standard in the whole textile industry.

Precious sustainability
Not only quality is significant but also environment protection and sustainability play an important part for Lenzing Viscose®. Chemicals and by-products that arise in the production process are partly precious products and are reused and resold. An example is xylose can be used in the food industries as sweetener.

Olive wood buttons
Innovative is also the production of our olive wood buttons. They are made of the annually necessary pruning of the trees. They are in color and structure always individual and unique.

First plastic bottles, now jackets: : THERMORE® ECODOWN®
The 100% recycled and long-living alternative to down is made of fibers out of PET bottles.
Every jacket that is filled with eco down enables the reutilization of up to 10 PET bottles.
For our jackets, we use recycled fabrics and padding which are made out of plastic bottles.
Our partner for padding is the company Thermore, which is specialized on further processing plastic bottles to jacket padding.

Recycling material
By using the recycled textile fibers natural resources can be saved and the use of chemical substances can be reduced. That’s the reason why we use increasingly recycled cotton, polyester and wool fibers. The minimum percentage is 15%.

Slow Down, No Down - the alternative jacket padding by DuPont™
Ultralight but nevertheless warming are the styles with the popular Slow Down, No Down padding by DuPont™. It is the ideal alternative to the conventional down feather.

Sorona® is an exceptional soft and breathable fiber produced from corn flour. The high warmth protecting characteristic makes Sorona® the perfect choice for fiber padding and isolation of jackets, trousers and overalls. The winter clothing is much thinner without warming less. Besides Sorona® possesses a memory effect which means when the batting is compressed, it always assumes its original form again. Also after a long time of wearing and washing Sorona® does not agglutinate and keeps its form and function.

Thermolite is regarded as one of the newest paddings on the market. It offers the same warming qualities as conventional cotton wool battings but is made of recyclet polyester and contributes to going easy on resources and avoiding new plastic.

bellybutton mother nature & me - Responsibility for a world where children and families live in


Product world


Our longtime partners created a limited edition for bellybutton mother nature & me to support the Project Literacy Boost together.
These collections are available since October 2018. More partners will follow.

bellybutton mother nature & me by Alvi
sleeping bags, „Babymäxchen“, pillows, cot bumpers, changing mats, baby blankets, breastfeeding pillows, beddings, canopies

bellybutton mother nature & me by Hartan
prams and diaper bags

bellybutton mother nature & me - Responsibility for a world where children and families live in


New collection


bellybutton mother nature & me - Responsibility for a world where children and families live in