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Maternity fashion

Maternity fashion by bellybutton

bellybutton maternity fashion offers style and comfort to pregnant women. bellybutton embodies over 10 years of experience gathered by mothers – from the outset, we have given great attention to ensuring a comfortable fit, perfect tailoring and comfy materials.

While pregnancy is a great change in your life, you would like your life to go on as before: you want to be attractive and fashionable whilst being pregnant, and be able to continue to dress the way you like – sexy, modern, casual,... according to your personal style. Our designers regularly identify the latest trends in the world’s fashion capitals so that you are sure to enjoy fashion to the full during pregnancy, also, and always able to show off the latest fashion looks.

Our maternity wear collection is not only designed to provide comfort and style but above all quality. We work with stretchy, elastic materials that expand with your bump and guarantee a good fit throughout pregnancy. Our clothes are subjected to strict quality controls and are largely manufactured by European producers we have successfully cooperated with for many years.

Look forward to fantastic trendy maternity fashion for your pregnancy. Every single day!

childrens fashion

Children’s fashion by bellybutton

When we have children, our outlook on life changes. Our children show us the deeper meaning in life: why reading stories is so much more important than the evening news. Why a „We“ is so much nicer than a „Me“.

After a long conceptual period, we designed bellybutton kids’ fashion to a child’s taste: soft materials that feel good on the skin. Fitting cuts for fun and romping play. Small charming features waiting to be discovered. And gentle beautiful colours to please the eye.

But we also design bellybutton children’s wear to mothers’ preferences: All items are made from high-quality, skin friendly materials, such as the organic cotton we use for our linen. All of our collections match and go well with every other item of clothes.

The kids’ fashion brand is based on the principle: only the very best for those we love so dearly. Loads of fun with bellybutton Kids’ fashion!

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The time of pregnancy and life with small children are wonderful times full of joy. It is fantastic to have children and there are many occasions to make big and small gifts. Bellybutton offers a constantly changing range of gorgeous gifts for moms, future mothers, babies and children. Unusual ideas, beautiful skin care or gift sets or simply a small attention – here at bellybutton you will find the right gift for any occasion.

And remember – sometimes it is good to give yourself a gift.

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