Sizeinfo children shoes


It is important to be able to try on the shoes at home.

Take some time with your child in order to make sure that the size of the children’s shoes is correct.

Ideally, you would first let your child take a few steps through the room in the new shoes. In this way, the muscles can move and the foot can relax. Afterwards, kneel on the floor in front of your child. With a flat hand and light pressure, rub the top of the feet so that they loosen up and the sizing test can begin.



Regardless whether the shoes are training shoes, toddlers’ shoes or shoes for small children: there should always be some space between the tip of the shoe and the big toe. As a rule of thumb, a space of one centimetre at the most should be present with baby, crawling and training shoes (sizes 18-24). From size 25 upwards, a space of 1-2 centimetres is advisable.

Slowly stroke the top of your child’s foot all the way to the tip of the toes and then press into the empty space. In this way, you can find out if the shoes are long enough.



It is also important to check the width of training and crawling shoes. You should make sure that the shoe is neither too wide nor too narrow for the child’s foot For this short test, your toddler will stand in front of you. First, check to see if the toes are stretched out and then feel for the width of the shoe with your thumb and index finger from mid-foot to the balls of the feet and then to the toes. The ideal width is when the foot has some space in the shoe but still does not wiggle around.



Apart from length and width, we recommend checking for the support that the shoes provide your child In order to do this, your child should stand to the side in front of you. You will then slowly raise the heel of the child, keeping the tips of the toes on the floor. In order to guarantee the ideal support of the shoes, the heels should only be able to slide up the back of the shoe a little bit. The fit is then perfect.



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