Maternity wear - Present Collection

Our current bellybutton maternity wear collection

Are you on the search for the latest trends in comfortable maternity pants, casual denims, elegant maternity dresses or for modern styles in the area of maternity wear for business or other areas of life? If yes, then you have come to the right category. Here you can find your inspiration and be enchanted. High-quality, stylish maternity dresses are the ideal accompaniment for the everyday. They can be easily tossed on and make for a fantastic feminine look. With matching maternity pants or jeans, you can put together an easy look. The well thought-out waistband solutions are especially cozy, fit every kind of figure and guarantee comfort. With beautifully cut nightshirts, sexy panties and original pyjamas, you will feel all-round comfortable and wonderfully feminine in the bedroom.

Perfectly fitted maternity wear for a time of change

Your body will change during your pregnancy: even after the first two months, this development will be visible in the breast and hip areas. But do not worry, these are perfectly normal changes! Our product developers kept this process in mind while producing the cuts for our maternity pants, jackets and swimwear for expecting mothers. The bellybutton maternity wear is so convincing because of its good fit – nothing pinches and your baby bump is given special care and attention. If you would like to read more about the sizing of the items, you can find more detailed information in our sizing tables for maternity wear. Here we show you how you can best measure yourself in order to find your clothes size. We also give you information about the length specifications of our products. You will furthermore be interested in the explanations of the individual waistband systems for maternity pants and maternity denims, which are tailored to various figures and support your wellbeing.

High-quality maternity wear made from comfortable materials

Not only is a great fit an important characteristic of maternity wear, but the use of materials that feel comfortable against the skin is also crucial. You can count on this with our maternity wear. We exclusively apply high-quality and soft materials for the production of our maternity jeans, maternity jackets, evening wear and other items. It is important that you feel well during your pregnancy and can look forward to your coming baby. For this reason, we strive to make this phase as wonderful as possible for you. We want to accompany and support you as well as to enjoy this time together with you.

Modern maternity wear in various styles

Maternity wear is not just all about a great fit, fine cut patterns and comfortable materials – the design is also of deciding importance. Even expecting mothers want to look trendy and sexy. For this reason, bellybutton’s collections are always in tune with the latest trends. This helps you to stay true to your own style and continue with your life in a fashion-savvy way. Of course, the time of change also opens up the possibility for you to try out something completely new and different.